Welcome to the SEG1 Era

SEG 1  is a new way of generating and using electricity to charge mobile devices.

SEG1 self regenerative technology 


SEG1 uses Multi-core microprocessor to charge

itself as it charges your mobile device..

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We recycle plastic, glass, and many products but did you know that we can recycle electricity..

NEW      Amazing    Technology

(The only system that charges itself as it charges your phone or mobile device)

SEG1 is the first of the new super smart micro power generators. SEG TECH has developed a power solution for all mobile devices. SEG1 is like no other electric generator, it has no moving parts to wear down, and when used properly will never have to use a power outlet to charge it. It’s innovated circuitry uses an octo-microprocessor system to recharge it’s internal batteries as it charges your phone. This amazing device will change the way we charge all of our mobile devices. The SEG1 unit will always be ready to charge your mobile devices every time you need to. It’s ideal for everyday use in anyplace you may be.



Take it Tail gating, fishing, camping, traveling, college dorms and it even delivers power when power goes out through natural disasters, like hurricanes, tornadoes .


water flood

Anytime Anyplace SEG 1 is ready.. .


It’s super bright LED light will give you light all night long. It can even be turn on from the SEG1 phone app to find it’s location or if you need to remotely illuminate any dark area.. SEG1 comes in it’s own fire proof charge bag to keep you safe while it charges your phones..